The Difference
We are proud to have developed a legal search and recruitment consultancy that stands apart from its competitors in every sense:

  • Our approach is a progressive one. SSQ has consultants and support staff working on a full-time, part-time and flexi-time basis. We practise what we preach.
  • All of our staff will become stakeholders in the business. They are compensated according to the overall success of the company as well as their individual success. 
  • A suitable hire for a client and a candidate's career should come before our commission. They do. 
  • If we can work with you, we will do so, applying our utmost dedication and commitment. If we cannot assist you, we will say so, promptly and frankly. 
  • We recognise that a candidate only has one real chance to approach an employer. Getting it right is crucial. We strive to get each approach right. 
  • There are no sliding scales in our recruitment fees. We only offer full refunds. 
  • Our UK team is trained in the implementation of psychometric assessments. Our instinct may be good but we prefer to supplement it by taking a more scientific approach as well.

We care passionately about your decision to work with us. After all, our future is inextricably tied to yours.
Recruiter Hot 100 2016.

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