Li Ji - Manager
 Li Ji

Direct line:   +86 21 6103 7515

Mobile:         +86 183 2118 6561




Li Ji is a qualified lawyer in both PRC and New York.  She studied law at Tsinghua University in China and Columbia University in the US where she received her LLB and LLM in 2003 and 2010 respectively.  In 2003 Li Ji started practicing law in the leading Chinese law firm Jun He Law Offices and subsequently moved to the UK law firm Linklaters in 2007. Most recently she worked as senior legal counsel, heading a business unit in a Fortune 500 company in Asia Pacific. After almost 10 years practising law, Li Ji joined SSQ in 2014 to focus on recruiting senior legal professionals for multinational corporations and international law firms in China.


Recruiter Hot 100 2016.

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