Law firms

Partners & team moves

Our partner search team is the market leader in China and around the world. We have extremely strong relationships with the leading UK, US and international law firms as well as many of the PRC practices across. We have long held relationships with these firms and many work with us exclusively giving our candidates access to opportunities that they cannot find elsewhere.

Deciding to make a move as a partner or part of team can be difficult.  We understand that the stakes are high and absolute confidentiality and sensitivity are crucial.  We will help you put together everything you need ranging from, financial and strategy business plans to completing lateral partner questionnaires. We will guide you on what the client is looking for, their commercial drivers for senior hires and their expectations. We know our clients very well. 

We regularly place entire teams to set up new offices for law firms, identifying and securing the Managing Partner and building out the team from there.

Team moves & office launches

Since 2003 we have built up an unrivalled reputation and track record for helping law firms launch in new locations. Many of our clients will come to us before they have even decided on a specific location, looking for advice on the market and even who might be available to launch which practice areas where. 

We regularly place entire teams to set up new offices for law firms, including identifying and securing the Managing partner and working from there to build out the new office.