Team moves & office launches

Since setting up in 2003 we have established SSQ as the leaders in partner and associate team moves and office launches. We have launched more law firms and moved more teams than any other legal search consultancy.

Our consultants are experts at working with clients to establish exactly what they are looking for when building out practice areas with new teams and helping them with all talent related aspects of launching in new locations.

Team moves

Finding the right team and combination of partners and associates in order to grow a law firm is crucial for the ongoing success of the firm. It requires careful mapping of the market, complete discretion and an awareness of timing. Our team of senior consultants has an enviable track record of working with clients in order to achieve these types of moves.

Law firm office launches

We have worked with countless law firms around the world including London, Ireland, continental Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South Africa to open offices in new locations. We are leaders in this unique space.

Finding the right lawyer to lead a new office and the right legal talent to support them is crucial. We work in partnership with our clients to tailor the search and the entire process is approached with complete discretion.

A project like this requires more than just finding the right talent and our team can also advise and guide law firms on the logistics required when new offices. An understanding of the local market is key. We have a large team based on the ground in Beijing and Shanghai giving our consultants first hand knowledge and understanding of the local market.  

Through our international network we are able to offer insight into markets across Asia and around the world. We also have a strong track record of opening offices for law firms in locations where we do not have offices. For example we have worked with law firms to launch offices in Ireland, South African and Kazakhstan.

Our track record - law firm launches, mergers & alliances

US law firms

  • Energy team acquired from another US law firm 
  • IP & litigation team from a Chinese law firm 
UK law firms

  • IP team acquired from an international law firm to launch a new entity in China
  • Team of Chinese lawyers to allow the law firm to expand their low cost legal services in China 
  • Senior partner hire from a Chinese law firm to launch their Beijing office