Paralegals & law firm support

Over the last few years we built up a strong track record of working with law firms to grow their non-qualified legal teams as well as their support teams across China. We understand exactly the personalities that each of our clients is looking for and this translates to their support staff.


An increasing number of international and domestic law firms are hiring paralegals to cover the lower-end work of the legal services chain, including document reviews, due diligence, translations and legal research that can free up experienced associates for more sophisticated matters. This ultimately saves the client’s costs. Our established brand and team in China place numerous graduates, newly qualified PRC lawyers and those returning to China from overseas study every year, placing them into the right role in the right law firm for them.

Law firm support

We work with many of our clients in order to build their support teams across China. Our clients look for many of the same qualities in their support staff as they do for their lawyers. As a result of our extensive experience of hiring lawyers for their firms we are able to identify the correct candidates for their support teams,  including Business development managers, Marketing directors, Office managers, Senior accountants Human resources managers, Practice managers and secretaries.