Introduce your lawyer friends and get a reward!

If you are registered with us in the UK and you know someone who is looking for a job in law in the UK, recommend them to us and when the new job we find them works out, we’ll send you gift vouchers as a thank you.

When we place someone you’ve referred into a permanent legal role in the UK you will get:

£500 of vouchers of your choice when someone you’ve referred has started work via SSQ with their new employer and that new employer has paid us!

How do you refer someone?

It’s easy. Just email your consultant with details of the person you’d like to refer and if we say we are free to contact them, let that person know they’ll be hearing from us. We’ll take it from there and if your friend finds their new job through us we’ll let you know – once we’ve been paid by our client, we’ll ask you which type of voucher you’d like and send it to you.