Hiring your first lawyer

Making the decision to hire your first lawyer is a momentous one. The Middle East is a highly complex market in which to do business, making legal spend and operating costs even higher. Hiring a dedicated legal resource is often the next logical step for many businesses as they grow.

We work with our clients to understand what it is they really require. We take into account both executive management’s expectations and operational demands against the background of the sector in which the client operates and their transactional pipeline. In this way, we can provide advice as to the level of the hire and the ideal experience of the appointee.  

Lawyers, whether coming from another in-house environment, be it a direct competitor or not, or straight from private practice have a track record of success in transitioning into first ever in-house legal roles. We encourage our clients to be open-minded and to find the right person who fits into the culture and direction of the organisation.