SSQ, the market leading legal talent consultancy, has been rated as “One to watch” by Best Companies to Work For. Employees completed a detailed engagement survey about their experience which took into consideration leadership, management, their team and colleagues, CSR activities, career progression and how they feel valued. The results are heavily analysed and culminate in an overall engagement score.


This is the first time SSQ has entered, only narrowly missing out on a star ranking. The business has seen huge change over the last 2 years with a new leadership team taking the reins and a move of London office and a significant number of new employees being brought into share ownership. Entering this survey was a good litmus test to see how changes have been received.


Group COO, Jill Whitehouse says,


“This is a great win for SSQ and I am thrilled that we have achieved such a good result. We entered with no pre conceived ideas but looking for ways to make SSQ an even better place to work. To see such positive answers is incredibly rewarding and a reflection of the hard work many of my colleagues have put in to ensuring that the experience of working at SSQ is a good one. We have been improving training, HR practices and making the office a healthier and more inspiring place. We have wonderful new premises which offer great creative space, exciting mental health initiatives, great benefits – our holiday entitlement is amazing – and a lively, friendly work environment.

The challenge now is to work together to improve those areas which people have identified as needing further attention but it’s one we welcome. We want SSQ to be the market leader not just in the service it delivers but in the experience it offers everyone who works in the business, no matter how junior or senior, whether fee earning or support.

That’s a great challenge to take on; everyone will gain, everyone can engage with it and it will be fun.”

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