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Our team in Madrid is expert in legal search and recruitment. Our consultants specialise in placing partners and associates at all levels of seniority into the leading UK and US law firms across Spain, Portugal and Latin America as well as many of the leading international and domestic practices. They also have extensive experience of working with corporates and financial institutions in order to build their in-house legal teams at all levels.

Pacific Alliance

Law firms and multinational companies are expanding their footprint and teams across Latin America. Spanish law firms are also entering and growing in this region which would otherwise be occupied by leading domestic law firms and a few global firms. Penetrating the Latin American legal market is not an easy venture. However, there are many law firms committed to the region who require our assistance to help with their recruitment needs. We help our clients; law firms or corporates, to penetrate and grow within this region with the best talent possible.

The cultural background makes of this region an attractive legal marketplace for Spanish firms, although they have not been the only ones or the first to reach the area, some US law firms have arrived a long time ago and are committed to stay in the long term. There are new business opportunities and also greater foreign investment, so law firms are growing and consolidating.

SSQ works with lawyers throughout Latin America, especially those from countries who are members of the Pacific Alliance (Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru), as well as from Brazil, where, despite the restrictions of the Order of Lawyers (OAB), there are a number of international law firms operating. The advantage of SSQ is that we are able to offer the best talent among the best local lawyers.